The Prairie Girls



“The Prairie Girls” takes place in 1963 and follows a group of Canadian high school girls who win their national talent contest, earning them the right to compete in the international tournament in Paris, France. Having grown up in the prairies of rural Saskatchewan, Canada, the young girls have a provincial world view which is broadened joyfully and bittersweetly by their adventure to a foreign land. When they sneak out of their Parisian hotel and lie their way into an underground club, chance brings them to a one-on-one encounter with Elvis (that Elvis) who introduces them to the blues. Discovering the music of Wilson Pickett, Sam Cooke, Otis Redding, James Brown, etc., turns out to be a life-changing event. Through their romantic, comic and dramatic escapades with teams from Sweden, Cuba, South Africa and France, they come to a profounder understanding of the world, different cultures and themselves.

“The Prairie Girls” is co-written by SCTG student Lilia Gabbro and Broderick Miller who also directed.