Sweet Smell of Success



The SCTG is proud to present an adaptation of the movie Sweet Smell of Success for the older actors (14 and up). The plays is a hard-hitting drama that illuminates the cruel sexual politics involved in the drive for ambition and power. Based on the 1957 movie written by Ernest Lehman and Clifford Odetts, Sweet Smell of Success is a cynical drama featuring ferocious characters and razor-blade dialogue. The story concerns an uber-authoritarian NYC newspaper columnist (played by Burt Lancaster in the movie and based on Walter Winchell) who has an unhealthy fixation on his younger sister and uses his power and connections to ruin her relationship with a jazz musician. When he enlists a desperate/crooked publicist (played by Tony Curtis in the film) to who help with his scheme, we sadly (but fascinatingly) witness human nature at its worst. The film wasn’t well-received at the time – due to its brutal truths and language – and fell off the movie radar. But it’s a gem. And here’s the SCTG twist: we will offer two separate productions of the play: the straight version with guys and girls playing the regular roles; and then a reversed version where the girls will play the ruthless people of power and the boys will plays the pawns and victims.

Adapted by Broderick Miller from the screenplay written by Ernest Lehman and Clifford Odetts

Directed by Broderick Miller