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Two Disquieting Tales of Primates Captivity

Yale University is conducting travelling admissions interviews at the soaring Salesforce Tower in downtown San Francisco. High school seniors from across the state attend, all dressed to the nines and on their very best behavior. Seven such students cram inside an elevator headed for the 60th floor where the interviews are taking place. Suddenly, the elevator stops halfway up the tower. At first, the students calmly wait for the elevator to kick back in. But as time passes, they each start to crack…

A state-of-the art security system malfunctions and traps a group of strangers in a sealed art gallery. The anxious group soon take sides on an existential argument regarding art and humanity. Things take a desperate turn when they discover their oxygen supply is quickly expiring. Uncomfortable truths, personal regrets and secret demons surface as the group awaits rescue…or death.