Current Production



Only Human is an academic thriller written by SCTG student, Julia Ihly.   Eight high school seniors from across the world find themselves in the Cornell University Admissions office.  They are finalists for the last remaining placement at the storied college.  As they are interviewed one by one, the candidates gradually realize it's going to take cunning and ruthlessness to survive this psychologically harrowing shark tank.  Directed by veteran SCTG actor, Nell Murphy, the play offers a provocative view on the intersection of integrity and ambition.


Red Scare is a revival of one of the SCTG’s most popular plays.  It’s a comedy/drama inspired by Orson Welles faux radio drama, “War of the Worlds” radio broadcast. In our play, a radio theatre company (performing in the late 50s and heart of the paranoid Cold War with Russia) starts to perform their regular show (“The Poetry of Joe McCarthy”) when news breaks that Russian Communists have invaded America. Similar to Welles’ drama, the action cuts from news scene to news scene as Russians “invade and destroy American cities.” Played entirely for laughs, it’s a fast-paced comedy/political farce.