Current Production


An epic romantic/comedy/drama set in Swinging’ Sixties of London and featuring the songs of Burt Bacharach.

London in the mid-to-late 60s was one of the most colorful and stylized moments in world history. A youth-driven cultural revolution emphasizing modernity, optimism, creativity and fun-loving hedonism made London the global hub of art, music and fashion scenes. It was the season of The Beatles, miniskirts, psychedelia, mods, Twiggy, The Kinks, Mary Quant, James Bond, and the political activism of the anti-war and Peace/Love movements. It was a brief but intensely vibrant moment of image-making when creative types of all kinds gravitated to London - from artists and writers to magazine publishers, photographers, advertisers, filmmakers and product designers.

Against this backdrop, “Walk On By” weaves various love stories that take place on New Year’s Eve, 1967, culminating in the city’s spectacular celebration in Trafalgar Square. Using the template of the movie “Love, Actually,” multiple storylines - happy/sad/bittersweet - will overlap and intersect in the space of this one special day.

“Walk On By” is co-written by esteemed SCTG actress Logan Polish. We have actually been working on the script since last summer.

Here’s why we’re particularly excited about this play:

Our new Music Director, the profoundly talented and soulful David Joyce, has been musical accompanist for the legendary Burt Bacharach for several years now. When we learned this, the usual SCTG gears started turning: this could be an amazing opportunity for our kids to learn the subtext and nuances of these incredible classic songs. David knows these songs better than anybody else in the world - other than Bacharach himself - and as a music educator as well as a musician, he is in a unique position to teach the kids the intimate magic of these brilliant songs. The tentative setlist is:

“Always Something There to Remind Me”
“Anyone Who Had a Heart”
“April Fools”
“Casino Royale Theme"
“Don’t Make Me Over”
“A House is Not a Home”
“I Say a Little Prayer”
“I’ll Never Fall In Love Again"
“The Look of Love”
“My Little Red Book"
“One Less Bell to Answer”
“Walk On By”
“What the World Needs Now Is Love”
“What’s New Pussycat”

Wait - there’s more! Visionary Production Designer Marcelle Gravel (Cirque du Soleil and countless TV/commercial credits) graces the SCTG by offering to design our all important London scenic scheme. We are so lucky…

Hold on - this just in! We’re also thrilled that SCTG alum and now international pop star, Fiona Grey - hot off another world tour - will return as Vocal Director. Fiona is a miracle worker with the kids. She connects and inspires in the most wondrous ways.

And Holy Cow! A MAJOR rock-and-roll musician has committed to play in the house band for the show. I’d love to tell you who, but I can’t give it away now. What’s more, we’re waiting to hear from a second surprise celebrity addition to the band, but it’s Hard to Explain.