Artistic Director


Broderick Miller is an Emmy Award-winning screenwriter with a B.A. in Film Studies from Claremont-McKenna College. Son of actor Frank Warren and godson to Warren’s best friend, Academy Award-winning actor Broderick Crawford (Best Actor All The King’s Men, 1949), Miller grew up on studio backlots and film locations before attending Claremont McKenna College where he earned degrees in Film and Political Science. Mr. Miller’s greatest artistic influence came from his mentor, British stage and film director Lindsay Anderson. Armed only with a bottle of Johnny Walker Black Label scotch (Miller’s fiancé at the time, Deborah Miller - no relation - taught him to always bring gifts), Miller sneaked backstage at a 1975 production of The Seagull in the London West End (starring Helen Mirren, Joan Plowright and Frank Finlay) just to thank Anderson for making his favorite movie, O Lucky Man!. Impressed by Miller’s genuineness, Anderson adopted him as a protege, changing Miller’s life forever. Miller worked as Anderson’s personal assistant before serving as First Assistant Director on the director’s last feature film, The Whales of August (1987) starring Bette Davis and Lillian Gish.

Millers’ third screenplay, Deadlock (1991 - titled Wedlock internationally) was made into an HBO movie starring Rutger Hauer and Mimi Rogers and he also served as Associate Producer. Deadlock remained HBO’s highest-rated original movie for eight years which spawned one really awful sequel. In addition to his feature work, Miller has written network TV movies; direct-to-video features; prime-time TV pilots; and won an Emmy for writing the short subject drama, Grandfather’s Birthday (2000). He is currently adapting the New York Times best-selling novel “Darrow: American Iconoclast” into a motion picture for Paul Sandberg, producer of the Bourne movies. Along with producers Jack Walworth (The Amazing Race) and Alan Gasmer (Vikings), he is developing a reality series based on his work with the Silver Lake Children’s Theatre Group titled Take The Stage.

In 2001, Mr. Miller co-founded the Silver Lake Children’s Theatre Group with Brian Davis, Sandi Silbert and William Delvac as a means for young actors to explore the human condition through challenging themes, material, staging and characters. He also saw the theatre group as an opportunity to encourage his daughters to be free-thinkers. He has proudly served as its President and Artistic Director since it’s inception. He is inspired by friends, new music, epic road trips, intimate restaurants, the San Francisco Giants and his two remarkable daughters, Maddie and Izzy.