SCTG Writing Mentorship

Every season the SCTG offers a mentorship for students looking to develop writing skills through the experience of authoring a play. It’s not easy. The time commitment is considerable, the responsibility and self-discipline even more so. However, those who survive learn craft while discovering their creative voices. They are also rewarded with the thrill of authorship – seeing a creation of theirs performed on stage – and a lasting piece of work that represents their talent and dedication. Our first writing mentee, Phoebe Minette, was accepted into the USC screenwriting school using her scripts to Buy America and Free Will as her primary writing samples. Fringe benefits include impulsive road trips, unique dining adventures and the best SCTG gossip.


Phoebe Minette – Buy America, Spring 2005
Ivy Hammond – The Rocke, Fall 2004
Phoebe Minette – Free Will, Spring 2006
Robert Goldberg – Thunderboard, Fall 2006
Lindsey Horowitz – Love & Hate, Fall 2006
Robert Goldberg, Lindsey Horowitz, Phoebe Minette & Tess Whittlesey – Havana, Spring 2007 & Spring 2013
Olivia Russin – Turbulence, Fall 2007
Ellie Bensinger – Teatro Della Morte, Spring 2008
Riley Smith – Hellth Care, Fall 2008
Josie Glore – Jackpot, Fall 2009
Sofi Shield – Jail Birds, Spring 2010
Leo Murphy – The Nature of My Game, Fall 2010
Madeleine Miller– Frank & Stine, Fall 2011
Lia Avraham – General Ed, Fall 2011
Nora Mathison – Once Again in Eden, Fall 2011
Madeline Stefani – Tomorrow, Spring 2012 musical
Fiona Grey – Cancelled, Fall 2012
Lola Gutierrez and Niall Murphy – Arrival, Fall 2012
Yaari Sanderson – Departure, Fall 2012
Beja Wolf – Delayed, Fall 2012
Matthew Hammond and William Hammond – I Do – But I Really Don’t, Fall 2013
Nicole Klar – Aloha Kiana, Fall 2013
Madeleine Miller – Genevieve, Fall 2013
Olivia Harber and Molly Vendig – Deadwood, Spring 2014
LouLou Brazill Baltz – Ciao, Utah!, Fall 2014
Darla Lewis – Mistake On The Lake, Fall 2014
Madeleine Miller – O Lucky Man!, Spring 2014